Chilean Percussionist Luis Barrueto at Hot Milk Studio

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I was able to meet, record Chilean percussionist Luis Barrueto during his stay in Berlin 2011-2012 and I even and even studied a bit with him at his workshops here at Hot Milk Studio. Now a resident of Brazil, Luis is a master of Afro-Peruvian and Chilean rhythms on drumset and percussion. Luis Barrueto has been at Hot Milk Studio on several occasions recording for Rodrigo Santa Maria‘s Élitro album as well as other projects. He also held several workshops on Afro-Peruvian percussion at Hot Milk Studio.

Luis’ main interest lies in adapting the bell, cajon and handdrum patterns to the drumset but in these videos he shows that he can really lay it down on cajon and congas. While working on an upcoming Phases of Life album with producer Philipp von Rothkirch, Philipp filmed these snippets of Luis Barrueto on his smartphone.

Here he is playing a killing solo on cajon:

And here’s a great conga solo:

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