Here’s a list of some of the clients (bands, artists and producers) we’ve had the pleasure of working with at Hot Milk Studio:

  • Amr Hammour (Syria)
  • Jacqueline Blouin (Canada, Switzerland)
  • Ingrid Arthur (USA)
  • Delphine Maillard (France)
  • Dirk Homuth & Almost Charlie (Germany)
  • Carole M (France)
  • Robinson Sartorius (Germany)
  • Thomas Godoj (Germany)
  • Rodrigo Santa María (Chile)
  • Leon Schurz (USA)
  • Benedikt Stehle (Germany)
  • Seven Hills (Cameroun, Nigeria, Germany)
  • Ido Spak (Israel)
  • Lionel Haas (France)
  • Claudia Maluenda (Chile, Peru, France)
  • Jenny Weisgerber (Germany)
  • Mewise (Ghana)
  • Mesut Ali & Oriental Connection (Turkey)
  • Jimmy Jayy (Nigeria)
  • Julia Botelho (Brazil)
  • Christine Rommel (Germany)
  • Peppe Bottiglieri (Italy)
  • Kgomotso Tsatsi aka Kileza (South Africa)
  • Soul Deep featuring Della Miles (USA, Germany, produced by Jeff Mezzrow)
  • The Kirtaniyas (England, USA, Germany)
  • José Miguel Márquez / Illapo (Chile)
  • Moussa Coulibaly (Burkina Faso)
  • Aly Keita (Mali)
  • Philipp von Rothkirch (Germany)
  • Eric Schaber from Sensation Media Group, Crunchy Beat Records (Germany/Switzerland)
  • Emerson Araújo aka Emersound (Brazil)
  • The Doors of Perception (Germany, Hungary, Canada)
  • Lionel Haas Trio (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic)
  • Juan Riquelme (Chile)
  • Julia Fiebelkorn (Germany)
  • Jagun (Austria , Germany)
  • The Junction (Germany)
  • The Cinemaniacs (Germany)
  • Piadeux (Germany)
  • Poesique (Germany, Sweden)
  • Malva Kvartetten (Sweden)
  • Duo Marcato (Germany)
  • Ensemble Xenon (Germany)
  • Marco Tschirpke (Germany)
  • Alpendub (Germany)
  • Alvaro Recabarren (Chile)
  • Playground Attraction (Germany)
  • MR Crew (Germany)
  • Cremildo de Caifaz (Mozambique)
  • Hearttones Lullabyes Project (Philipp von Rothkirch, musicians from all over the world)
  • Bronsen (Germany, produced by Eric Bronsen)
  • Captain Zorx Stimmungsattacke (Berlin)
  • Flashbuddhai (Ghana)
  • Eric St. Laurent (Canada)
  • Rachelle Jeanty (Canada)
  • Blindflug (Berlin)
  • Timothy Tribhanga Campling (England)
  • Francois Guitard (France)
  • Finn Ritter (Germany)
  • Dirk Loombeek (Germany)
  • Miguel Bareilles (Argentina)
  • David Sandoval  (Peru)
  • Regis Molina Reynaldo (Cuba)
  • Momo Djender (Algeria/Germany)
  • Uri Gincel (Israel)
  • Vieira Chamball & Djombo (Mozambique)
  • Kiko King (USA)
  • Serkan Kaynarcali (Turkey)
  • Gilbert Abdourahmane Diop (Senegal)
  • Djefily Sako (Senegal)
  • Hye Young (Korea)
  • Mesut Lekesiz (Turkey)
  • Isabelle Klemt (Germany)
  • Gökce Sayan (Turkey)
  • Eugenia Tapia (Chile)
  • Arcadius Didavi (Benin)
  • Farun Harocki (India, Germany)
  • Rob Hoare (Canada)
  • DeeQ (Canada, Italy, Germany)
  • Schaltraum A (Canada, Germany)
  • Falcon Skeet Club (Canada, Germany)


  1. Bobbie Rae
    February 8, 2017


    I am the liaison for Brooklyn drummer Bobbie Rae, who has put out over 20 albums of his own and played as a session musician on hundreds more. Bobbie is a skilled and seasoned percussionist, known for literally being able to walk into a room and contribute to tracks after a few listens.

    Called “the Jimi Hendrix of drums” by the New Music Review, Bobbie (Executive Slacks, George Lynch’s Lynch Mob, Killing Joke, Pino Danelli, Rachel Z, Sex Gang Children, Simple Minds, Spear of Destiny) is looking for studio work to augment his live performances in Berlin.

    Here are some links to his music:

    “rhythm king…he is to the drums what Prince is to the guitar.” (Melody Maker)
    “Sitting behind his kit, looking like some kind of guru warrior and drumming like thirty of them” (The Marquee)
    “one of the best drummers to be found anywhere…when you hear the precision of his playing and the power of his fills I don’t think you can doubt his talent” (Philadelphia City Paper)
    “moved with ease and fluidity. I half expected him to fly” (BANG!)

    If you need an excellent, precise and professional session musician, feel free to contact Bobbie at or 0175 700 8190.

    Happy to provide further links or references upon request. Thanks for your time.


    Helen Faller

    • Robert Cummings
      February 9, 2017

      Hi Helen, thanks for getting in touch!
      Bobbie Rae is a killer drummer and we like great drums at our place.
      Let’s keep in touch and work together hopefully soon!


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