Soul Deep – Della Miles & Soul Deep

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Soul Deep. Yes. Here’s video clip for a fantastic track recorded last year with Della Miles and Soul Deep.

There is A LOT MORE great stuff from this band in the can (or on the drive to be accurate), and I really hope it all gets disseminated and bought by eager music lovers. As you will immediately hear, Della Miles is such a powerful, charismatic singer and the band is, well, pretty darn amazing too. 90% of this stuff is first takes, folks and no click tracks were used in the process. Boo click tracks.

OK, enough talk for now … here’s the clip for their eponymous song Soul Deep:

Recorded and mixed by Rob Cummings at Hot Milk Studio, Mastered by Andi Bukelini at Studio Wong.

Soul Deep

As I mentioned above, this stuff was all recorded live on the floor at Hot Milk Studio. The only things that were added later is keyboards and backing vocals. And maybe a tambourine here and there. But otherwise, all live, no click. Now, it takes a great band to pull that off and this is a phenomenal band. With Della Miles on lead and backing vocals, Jeff “Mezz” Mezzrow on guitar and songwriting, Soul Deep has Benedikt Stehle manhandling the drums and Michael Deak on massive bass. You will be hearing more from this band, I guarantee!

Soul Deep Band

Soul Deep Band


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