Élitro – Album from Rodrigo Santa Mariá

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Throughout the first half of 2012, I worked with my Chilean friend Rodrigo Santa Mariá on mixing and mastering his second solo album Élitro at Hot Milk Studio. Most of the recording was done at derArt Tonstudio in Berlin, but we did several overdubs at Hot Milk Studio.

Élitro - Rodrigo Santa Mariá

Rodrigo Santa Mariá – Élitro – Mixed at Hot Milk Studio

Rodrigo goes way back with Hot Milk Studio, in fact he helped us to install dry wall in the tracking room. And he was also my guinea pig for my first ever recording at Hot Milk – no mean feat considering the patience he needed while I dealt with quite a few technical gremlins. After those initial sessions he returned to Chile for half a year and when he returned we worked on a few other projects (such as Hearttones from producer Philipp von Rothkirch).

Video for lead single Élitro

Video for Defensa de Violeta Parra

Background on Rodrigo Santa Maria

Rodrigo Santa Mariá started his career at age 14 in his Chilean hometown of Antofagasta and expanded his knowledge of South American music during his studies at “Escuela Moderna De Música” in Santiago de Chile with talented Chilean musicians such as Guillermo Rifo, Toly Ramírez and Ignacio Urrejola. His professor for guitar and composition was Juan Antonio (Chicoria) Sánchez. In addition to performing with his first band Santa Mentira, the virtuoso guitarist worked and established himself as a composer and arranger for outstanding Chilean singers like Ammy Amorette, Bárbara Lira and Cristina Araya as well as renowned jazz singer Eva Cortes. Now a resident of Berlin, Germany, Rodrigo has followed up his debut solo album Sobras Completas (2010) with his new masterpiece Élitro, recorded with his new band El Paquete Chileno (percussion, trumpet, double bass). His wonderfully spare arrangements elegantly merge South American styles such as bossa nova, chacarera, zamba and landó with Chilean folklore to create a style best termed bossa chilena.


01 Elitro
02 La Profasis
03 Aya Yai
04 Malena
05 Gris Et Le Ciel
06 Defensa De Violeta Parra
07 Nado Con Tortugas
08 Cumbia De La Buena Suerte
09 Posadena Linda
10 Huayno Trans
11 Solo Al Andar


Rodrigo Santa Mariá- vocal, guitars
Luis Barrueto – drums, percussion
Marco Chacón – bass
Alan Sommer – fluegelhorn
Constance Scannell – lead vocals on Gris est le ciel
Larry Porter – Fender Rhodes on Aya Yai

You can buy Élitro directly from the Flowfish shop or from amazon.de

For German-language readers, here’s a link to the Élitro review at laut.de.


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