Here are some general questions and answers. Check the FAQ menu for additional pages with details on specific topics.

Q: What are your hours of operation?

A: Generally, we like to work from 10 am til 8 pm but we can accomodate your needs depending on your deadlines and our availability. Anything loud like rock drums or cranked-up amps can only be recorded until 10 pm and we prefer to stop drums by 8 pm. But almost everything else can be done 24-7, given that you find an engineer willing and able to make the session! 😉

Q: Do you offer price discounts for big projects (3 days and more)?

A: Yes, we do! Tell us about your project and we will work out a fair price for all participating parties.

Q: How many rooms does your studio have?

A: We have one medium-sized tracking room and a vocal/isolation booth. We also have a small hallway that we have used on occasion for recording instruments like bass and accordion. The kitchen (in theory) and control room can also be used so that makes five rooms in total. However, the main tracking room and iso booth suffice for 90% of the recording scenarios we handle.

Q: Do you also off video editing services?

A: Not directly but we have acquaintenances in the video business and we will gladly make arrangements.

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