Record labels

Q: Do you have a label of your own at Hot Milk Studio?

A: No we do not because we do not have sufficient resources to provide you with the services that a label should do (such as promotion, accounting, radio plugger/payola, catalogue etc.). But we do have contacts to many labels so maybe we can help you find the right label for your record.

Q: What’s a label code (LC) and how do I get one?

A: A label code is a five-digit number assigned to a label once only. Before the GVL provides your label with one, they usually require proof that you have pressed at least 500 CDs (without a label code unfortunately) before they grant one. If you are producing your own CD without an external label, we do not advise using a label code provided by the CD pressing plant because you will probably have to forfeit your radio play proceeds (if any) to the plant. And if you do not plan on having radio airplay then there’s really no need for a label code …

Q: Do I need a label code (LC)?

A: Currently, the main benefit of having a label code is that it allows radio stations to allocate your music to a label for royalities. However, if you do not have a radio promoter or plugger working for you, you likely won’t get played on radio anyway … that’s the brutal truth.

Q: What is an ISRC?

A: Check the glossary below for the full meaning of the acronym. An ISRC is a code that your label assigns to each track. Some people like to use the analogy of a social insurance number, in other words, this number stays with the track through its lifetime. A track can only be assigned with an ISRC number from a registered label. In order to register a label, the label owner is required to pay a one-time fee of €250 with BFMI.

Here’s an example of an ISRC: DEAB71100233
DE = Germany
AB7 = Abacus Records (name of label); permanently assigned from BVMI
11 = Recorded in 2011
00233 = code assigned from label

Glossary of terms
GEMA = Gesellschaft für musikalische Aufführungs- und mechanische Vervielfältigungsrechte
GVL = Gesellschaft zur Verwertung von Leistungsschutzrechte
BVMI = Bundesverband der Musikindustrie
LC = Label Code
ISRC = International Standard Recording Code
EAN = European Article Code
UPC = Universal Product Code

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