Hot Milk Studio also offers mastering in addition to tracking and mixing services. Nonetheless, in many cases we recommend considering the use of a specialised mastering studio, especially if the project has been recorded and/or mixed at Hot Milk Studio. It may seem absurd to disencourage our clients from using our own mastering services, but the benefits of using an external mastering studio are as follows:

  • Dedicated mastering room with specialized hardware/software for this very process
  • Experienced mastering engineers with listening skills specially developed for mastering as opposed to recording and/or mixing
  • The fact that a good mastering engineer will act as a second (or third) set of ears which is always beneficial to gaining a fresh perspective and renewed sense of objectivity

Having said all of the above, the mastering process is very delicate and the pitfalls are many. Unfortunately, it is not unknown for a mastering engineer to effectively ruin a good mix. Therefore, you should always consult with us long in advance before you proceed to the mastering stage. We have experience working with different mastering engineers and we can help you find the right choice.

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