Philipp von Rothkirch produces Hearttones Project at Hot Milk Studio

Beginning in 2010 and continuing throughout 2011, I had the pleasure of working with Philipp von Rothkirch on his Hearttones project here at Hot Milk Studio. One day in 2009, Philipp stumbled across my newly opened studio, just one street away from Philipp’s own apartment. As chance would have it, we both became fathers within just one day of each other—Philipp with his son Luca and myself with my daughter Ava! Here we are with the young’uns just after completing the project:

Hearttones Producers

Hearttones producers: Philipp von Rothkirch with son Luka, Robert Cummings with daughter Ava

Philipp had the idea to record acoustic lullabyes from some of the many international artists he knew in Berlin. Furthermore, the songs were to be free of digital instrumentation and free of percussion. Each artist was asked to imagine holding an infant in their arms while singing the song. And it worked fantastically! What started as an idea for a single Hearttones album quickly grew into a double album project as we gathered so much great material from a truly wide range of highly talented singers and instrumentalists.

By Spring 2011, we finished recording, mixing and mastering the material for the first Hearttones album here at Hot Milk Studio. Click here to visit the Hearttones website.

To listen in, here’s a sampler of the first CD:

Featured Musicians

Rachelle Jeanty
Cremildo De Caifaz
Philipp von Rothkirch
Talia Kliger
Uri Gincel
Gilbert Abdourahmane Diop
Djefily Sako
Arcadius Didavi
Gökce Sayan
Serkan Kaynarcali
Mesut Lekesiz
Eugenia Tapia
Rodrigo Santa Mariá
Jørgen Dickmeiss
Ali Keita
Ruby Brune
Sabine von Rothkirch
Kiko King
Christoph Schmitz
Hye Young
Christoph Jung
The Kirtaniyas
Sarasvati Dasi
Tribangha Campling

In January 2013, Philipp did an interview on German radio (MDR) and that can be heard here:

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