Cremildo de Caifaz – Ciconia Ciconia

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Cremildo de Caifaz is a jazz guitarist and songwriter from Maputo, Mozambique who moved as a teenager to East Berlin in what was then the German Democratic Republic (GDR). He developed his own unique technique of playing a Gibson jazz guitar with his thumb and fingers and super thick gauge-13 strings.

In past years, he toured the world in a jazz trio with French singer/songwriter Yann Charles and launched his “Projecto Ciconia Ciconia” (Portuguese for White Stork Project). This project was recorded at Hot Milk Studio as well as at other studios in Mozambique, South Africa, Austria and Germany. I had a great time working with Cremildo and Yann while recording, editing and mixing “Ciconia Ciconia” here at Hot Milk Studio.


  1. artur ndove
    June 12, 2012

    Mr caifaz thanks for all
    the hyyyy music
    Afro Jazz
    this is a goob music, don’t fallw dow must be up
    I both your disc and I like that
    this is tok about us

    I’m coleges of Mr Emidio Caifaz in Kharafa
    Thanks you for all

  2. Jean - Paul Musungay
    February 27, 2015

    Hallo Cremildo ,

    Ich möchte dich fragen ob du weißt wann Morris zurück kommt.
    Beste Grüße, JP.

    PS: Ich wollte heute zu deine Konzert kommen aber in dieser zeit habe ich einen anderen Termine scon.
    Shade aber Viel, Energie und Viel Erfolg mit Viele Leute.


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