Ido Spak – First Session With The Jazz Travelers

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Ido Spak – The Jazz Traveler: we are currently working on a new Jazz Travelers album (working title: Safe Journey) at Hot Milk Studio. Our first recording session was held back in Sept. 2013 and follow-up sessions will be held during 2014. This is a very exciting project with musicians from all over the world playing on Ido’s highly unique compositions.

Here are rough mixes of the three tracks we recorded on the first session. I am really looking forward to recording the rest of the album and then doing the final mixes!

Ido Spak – Safe Journey

Ido Spak – Jazzy Smile

Ido Spak – Apocalypse Later

Musicians from First Session

Ido Spak – piano, compositions
Noriaki Hosoya – double bass
Florian Dietrich – drums
Gal Liraz – tenor saxophone
Damir Bacikin – trumpet
Dustin Drews – alto saxophone
Nimrod Talmon – trombone

Ido Spak- The Jazz Traveler

Ido Spak- The Jazz Traveler

About Ido Spak – The Jazz Traveler

Ido Spak is a composer, arranger and pianist with a focus on jazz-fusion udner the influence of classical techniques and Middle Eastern music. He strives to bring new ideas into jazz by introducing new rhythms and novel means of improvisation. He writes for films and has also directed theatre music.

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