Lyric Writing Workshop 2014 with Rob Hoare

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We are looking forward to Rob Hoare’s next lyric writing workshop at Hot Milk Studio. Those of you who came last time went home very impressed Rob’s excellent presentation chock full of so many great tips and guidelines on lyric writing. So help us spread the word by telling all of your songwriting friends about this year’s workshop to be held on 7 & 8 December 2014 from 12–4 pm at Hot Milk Studio. It will be a ‘small group’ workshop so the number of participants is limited! Note: this workshop will be given in English but it also applies to German lyrics.

For details on pricing and more please contact Rob Hoare directly or Rob Cummings at Hot Milk Studio.

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Rob Hoare has written lyrics and collaborated with a great many artists in Germany and abroad. Here’s a brief listing of some of his recent credits:

Rob Hoare’s Lyric Writing Credits

Till Broenner

Love – 1998 Motor Music/Verve Records

Chattin with Chet – 2000 Bambam Music/Verve Records

That Summer – 2004 Bambam Music/Verve Records

A Night In Berlin – 2005 award winning DVD


  • Fly Around The World (Broenner/Hoare)
  • Our Game(Broenner/Hoare)
  • Tell Me (Broenner/Hoare)
  • Have You Met Chet (Broenner/Hoare)
  • Dr. Bill (Broenner/Hoare)
  • Wishing Well (Broenner/Hoare)
  • High Falls (Broenner/Hoare)
  • So Right, So Wrong (Broenner/Hoare)
  • Your Way To Say Goodbye (Broenner/Hoare)
  • After Hours (Broenner/Hoare)
  • Ready Or Not (Broenner/Hoare)

Mark Murphy

Once To Every Heart – 2005 Verve /Universal


  • Our Game (Broenner/Hoare)

Tina Trumpp

Come A Little Closer – 2010 TTRUmusic / Edel:Kultur

Duality – 2012 TTRUmusic


  • Raindrops In November (Studnitzky/Hoare/Trumpp)
  • Duality (Studnitzky/Hoare/Trumpp)
  • In Candlelight (Studnitzky/Hoare/Trumpp)
  • I Hear Every Word (Studnitzky/Hoare/Trumpp)
  • It All Goes By (Studnitzky/Hoare)
  • Nameless Lover (Studnitzky/Hoare)
  • On A Sea (Studnitzky/Hoare/Trumpp)
  • Make Believe (Studnitzky/Hoare)
  • The Portrait (Studnitzky/Hoare)


Porno – 1998 Sony Music

  • Asking why (Gehrmann/Hoare)
  • Cool Down (Weigmann/Hoare)
  • Diving (Weigmann/Gehrmann/Hoare)
  • Things Happen (Weigmann/Hoare)


Trauma World – 2003 Drakkar Entertainment /BMG

Blind Camera – 2005 Drakkar Entertainment /BMG

  • Light Your Stars (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • United And Lost (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • Failing Breath (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • Be My Rain (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • For A Moment (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • I’m Numb (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • Sometimes (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • I Feel Your Trace (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • Hollow Skies (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • River Of You (Friedrich/Hoare)
  • Wenn Du Gehst (R. Hoare – Flutes)

Cell Division

TSUNAMI – 2004 T:d:M Thunderdome /Arachnophobia Media

  • Dirge For The Doomed
  • Shutup
  • Backstage (R. Hoare – saxophone)

Gelgia Caduff

From Genesis To Decay – 2007 Thexoomo Records

Songs – (Hein/Caduff/Hoare):

  • Metal Silence
  • Fairytale
  • Puppet Play
  • Disconnected
  • Worlds End
  • Pythoness
  • Kissed By Medusa
  • Aglossia
  • Prophet Of Insanity
  • My Last Dream

Judith Lefeber

In My Dreams – 2003 Warner Music


  • Give Me Your Word (Broenner/Hoare)
  • In A Love Song (Broenner/Hoare)

61 Minutes, 27 Stations

61 Minutes, 27 Stations – 2009 Monika Rechsteiner & Ensemble Contraire (Switzerland)
Film music and interactive DVD
Suite in 24 parts for piano, flute, clarinet and audio processing (55:38)
The premiere performances were on June 13th and 14th, 2009
at the Waltzwerk Münchenstein in Basel, Switzerland.
Live performances in Berlin were at Radialsystem V on April 10, 2010

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