New Album from Moussa Coulibaly

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During three busy days in January 2013, Moussa Coulibaly and Rob Cummings recorded, mixed and mastered his new 12-song album at Hot Milk Studio. It was an intense and highly impressive experience to watch Moussa play each and every instrument of the 12 songs as overdubs, almost all of them first takes! And no click track was necessary because he is an African groove machine.

Moussa Coulibaly

Moussa Coulibaly to record new album at Hot Milk Studio

Background on Moussa Coulibaly

Moussa a master musician from a griot family in Burkina Faso who plays all his instruments with equal proficiency. In addition to singing on this session, he also played Malian balaphone, pentatonic balaphone, ngoni (kora), djembe, dundun, kenkeni, tama (talking drum), bara, kania and African bells.

Moussa began to learn his craft at just 6 years of age. Soon, he played with bands and artists such as Benkadi, Les frères Coulibaly, Lanaya, Parisi, Arouna Dembele and Adama Dramé. He has toured often in Europe with Semstaba, Mamadou Diabaté and Parisi.

Since 2012, Moussa Coulibaly has lived and worked in Berlin and throughout Germany. He specialises in traditional West African rhythms and improvisations and composes his own songs. He has also performed with salsa, reggae and jazz musicians. At workshops and perfomances, he accompanies traditional and contemporary African dancers. Moussa Coulibaly also teaches all traditional West African instruments solo and in band context.

Here’s a clip of Moussa playing solo djembe:

Moussa Coulibaly djembe solo

Moussa Coulibaly djembe solo.

Here’s quick photo from the session (here on balaphone):

Moussa Coulibaly at Hot Milk Studio

Moussa Coulibaly recording at Hot Milk Studio

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