New Video: “Defensa de Violeta Parra” – Rodrigo Santa Maria

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Rodrigo Santa Maria has an elegant video for his song “Defensa de Violeta Parra” out now. The video was shot at Hot Milk Studio by the Freiland-Films team (Alvaro Chacón, Mónica Araus, José Szabó) and documented a full recording session of the track. This is a re-recording of the song that appears in a similar but slightly different version on the Élitro album.

The band lineup for this song was:

Rodrigo Santa María – vocals and guitar
Alan Sommer – Fluegelhorn
Sergio Gómez – double-bass
Tomás Morello – drums

The session was engineered by yours truly (Rob Cummings) and I’m at the controls in a few scenes.

Nice work everybody! Here’s the video:


Video: “Defensa de Violeta Parra” – Rodrigo Santa Maria

Defensa de Violeta Parra

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