Roxanne Video from Piadeux

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The new Piadeux video for Roxanne is one of our favourites from artists who’ve worked at Hot Milk Studio. Piadeux is Silva Finger on violin and Gerhard A. Schiewe on accordion. The video was filmed and edited by Ralf H. Schlotter and bildhuebsch respectively.

We had a lot of fun shaking the walls while overdriving Silva’s violin through a Big Muff distortion pedal and a range of smoking amps. We even put Gerhard’s accordion through a dbx subharmonic generator and added some distortion to heat up the bass. Here’s the video:

Roxanne Video from Piadeux

Video for Roxanne from Piadeux.

About Piadeux

Berlin-based Piadeux perform chamber music in the broadest sense of the term; both Silva Finger’s violin and Gerhard A. Schiewe’s accordion are equal leaders in the music.
Each Piadeux concert is a magical experience with fascinating counterplay between their instruments but also the sexes and their attributes: male/female, hard/soft, dissonant/harmonious, slow burning rage and the ability to enchant.

Regardless of the styles they perform – tango, musette or instrumental fado – it is the musical subtext that carries the performance. Silva Finger and Gerhard A. Schiewe not only act as catalyzers between musical dimensions and emotions, they are inevitably intertwined in the whole of it all. Their fascination with the material is their inspiration and what enraptures their audiences.

The arrangements from Gerhard A. Schiewe bring the music from Piazzolla, Galliano, Portal, Madredeus to life in fully unique interpretations that are confronted with their own compositions.

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