Poesique CD Release – Hot Milk Studio

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Poesique Sessions - Hot Milk Studio 2012/2013

Poesique Sessions – Hot Milk Studio 2012/2013 –
Photo: Cornelius Voogdt

We just recently put the finishing touches on the new Poesique CD! The production was recorded, mixed and mastered at Hot Milk Studio by Rob Cummings.

The CD can be purchased directly from the band: Order the Poesique CD

About Poesique

Lass den Wahnsinn nicht zu Haus,
bring mit, was Dich am Leben hält…
Denn vieles bleibt doch nur – vielleicht

It does not really matter what category you wish to assign to Poesique — poetry with musical flavours of tango, jazz and waltz — you can decide what you want it to be.

The poetry and compositions were written separtely from each other at various different times and locations all with the intention of standing on its own. But they all share qualities of moving between intangible realities and absurd dream worlds.

Over time, both elements have become increasingly interwoven to become what it is — Poesique.

Poesique Members

Heidrun A. Hoss – Poesie
Lilia Antico – Vibraphon
Thorsten Müller – Klarinette, Bassklarinette
Gerhard A. Schiewe – Akkordeon

Special Guests – MalvaKvartetten

Poesique was joined by Swedish string quartet MalvaKvartetten from Göteborg together with another Swedish expat Anders Grop on double-bass (songs 1, 5, 7, 9, 11 and 14).

Linnea Hällqvist  –  violin
Knapp Brita Pettersson   –  violin
Maria Jonsson   –  viola
Stina Larsdotter  –  Cello


MalvaKvartetten – Gäste der Poesique CD

How did Poesique get started?

Poesique could best be described as a schicksalshafte Begegnung or fateful encounter.

The musicians were familiar with each other from previous projects. Thew discovery that all lived in the same street was the initial impetus to pursuing their idea of combining poetry with music. And that’s how it came to be what it is – Poesique.

More detailed information on the various musicians and their other projects can be found on their respective Internet pages.


All photos courtesy of Cornelius Voogdt.

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