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I’ve known Captain Zorx Stimmungsattacke for several years now. I played together with Thomas Holzhausen a few years ago and I recorded and mixed their first self-titled album. We’ve always had a splendid time together, they’re a great band with tons of crazy ideas and their always open to experimentation in the studio.

Starting way back in 2008, I met with Captain Zorx Stimmungsattacke to begin work on recording their highly conceptual sophomore album Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings (or MOTASK for short). We recorded drums, bass and guitars for MOTASK over a 10-day period and then the band took everything home for editing and sorting.
Over the next 2.5 years, we continued by recorded more guitars, vocals and even overdubbing or replacing takes as deemed necessary. It was a very involved project but highly worthwhile and lots of fun. Especially the cigar-and-single-malt listening sessions!

You can buy “Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings at Bandcamp” over at Bandcamp.

I think its safe to say that by the end of such a complex, time-intensive project, my objectivity was long lost and I had no idea whether the final product was fantastic, plain bizarre or way off the map. But judging by the feedback that the album has received up to now, the former (namely “fantastic”!) is the verdict.

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