We always make an effort to offer a fair price to our customers. Call or write us with the details of your project and budget so that we can prepare an attractive offer for you. Of course, we also offer price discounts for repeat customers and/or multi-day bookings.
Just ask us!

What can we record?

  • Entire bands and combos (vocal booth available)
  • Musicians (drums, piano, keyboards, guitar, bass, horns, strings etc.)
  • Singers and choirs
  • Speakers and actors/actresses

What technology do we use?

  • Outstanding microphones
  • Excellent preamps
  • Large selection of instruments, amps etc.
  • Assistance in production, arrangements, composition and songwriting

What do we use to mix?

  • DAW with Steinberg Cubase Pro, Wavelab, iZotope Ozone/RX3, Native Instruments Komplete
  • Various plugins from Waves, Slate Digital, iZotope, Melda, Klanghelm etc.
  • Sweetening and warming of digital signals (tubes, analog gear)
  • As a final step, we also do mastering

What can we edit?

  • Drum editing in Steinberg Cubase Pro
  • Track editing (all instrument and vocal tracks)
  • Autotuning with Cubase Pro

Film and Video

  • Video and film editing using AVID Xpress Pro
  • Dialog editing and mixing using Steinberg Cubase Pro

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