We have a good selection of instruments for your use, free of additional charge of course! If you have any special wishes, please contact us in advance of your session, we should be able to find affordable rental gear for you.

Bechstein grand piano
Hohner Pianet
Roland JV1010
Tama DS200 drum synth
Vermona Formation 1 organ
Rentable: Fender Rhodes, Moog, Clavinet, Steel Drum, Vibes …

Fender Telecaster
Rickenbacker 325 (3/4 scale “John Lennon”)
Johnson “fenderish” Jaguar
Fender Jazz Bass
Danelectro 3/4 scale bass
Fender baritone guitar
Danelectro baritone guitar
Johnson “fenderish” jazz bass with flatwounds
Musima hackbrett (hammered dulcimer)

Fender Vibrolux
VOX UL730 (The Beatles  “Revolver” amp)
Yamaha RA-50 (Leslie, by special request)
Rentable: Marshall variants, Fender variants, Vox AC-30

Ludwig Elements Special Edition rock kit (22-10-12-14-16)
Ludwig Club Date Jazzette (18-12-14)
Ludwig 28×12″ bass drum (parade style)
Rogers Dynasonic 14×5 snare (COB)
Sonor Lite 14×7.25 snare (birch)
Pearl Sensitone 14×5.5 snare (brass)
Pearl Sensitone 13×5 snare (brass)
Mapex Custom 10×5 snare
Ludwig 14×6.5 cherry/gumwood snare
Custom beech snare 12×6
Custom beech snare 13×4
Pearl 13×5 timbale
Rentable: Ludwig Black Beauty 14×6.5, Suprasonic 14×6.5 and more (please inquire)

Zildjian New Beat 14″ hihats
Istanbul 61st Anniversary 14″ hihats
Istanbul Legend 14″ hihats
Istanbul Legend 13″ hihats
Istanbul X-Cast 21″ ride
Istanbul Nostalgia 21″ crash ride
UFIP Natural Light 20″ ride
Istanbul 20″ Sizzle ride
Istanbul Radiant 20″ ride
Istanbul Mini Cup 20″ ride
Istanbul Sizzle 20″ ride
Istanbul Tradition 18″ Thin Crash
Istanbul Tradition 17″ Thin Crash
Istanbul 16″ Medium Crash
Istanbul Turk 18″ Crash
Istanbul Turk 17″ Crash
Istanbul Sultan 15″ Crash
Istanbul Sultan 14″ crash
UFIP Natural 16″ Crash
UFIP Natural 14″ Crash
UFIP Natural 10″ splash
Wuhan China 16″ Crash
Wuhan Mini China Boy 10″
Istanbul 10″ splash
Istanbul Sultan 8″ splash
UFIP Ice Bell 6″
Indian Karatalas (2 pairs)
Stagg Black Metal 7″ bell
Stagg Black Metal 6.5″ bell
Stagg Black Metal 6″ bell

Latin Percussion congas (11″ + 12″)
Meinl bongos (8″-10″)
Remo 18″ tar (frame drum)
Pandeiro 12″
Meinl darbuka
Tunisian darbuka
Latin Percussion shekere (11″ + 12″)
African talking drum
Cajun rubboard (washboard)
Remo spring drum
Cowbells (more!)
Jam Blocks (red, blue, more)
LP afuche
Meinl fibreglass cabasa
Meinl wood guiro
Sonor fibreglass guiro (large)
LP Rawhide Maracas (Cuban style)
Caxixi (pair)
Triangles (various)
Shakers (various)
Tambourines (various)

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