Utopia From Júlia Botelho

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Here’s Utopia from Júlia Botelho, out now on Soundcloud! More on this great artist and the fabulous sessions with her fantastic band later …

Utopia mixed by Basti at mixberlin, recorded at Hot Milk Studio by Rob Cummings.

Júlia Botelho

Júlia Botelho was born in the beautiful city of Rio de Janeiro in 1988. Grew up surrounded by a wide range of musical influences, inheritance of her great-great-grandfather, João Targini (a conductor, son of former slaves), and of her great grandfather, Lucio

Júlia Botelho

Júlia Botelho in Berlin, Dec. 2013

Amato, who was born in Calabria, Italy.

Self-taught, when she was just eight years old she borrowed a guitar from her mother and since then begun to turn her emotions into art. At the age of nine she learned English through songs.

Had her first piano lesson at the age of thirteen and composed her first song, “Sometimes”.

In 2003, when she was fifteen, she lived in Canada and the following year in England where she remained until 2006.

Licensed in English by the University of Cambridge (England) , she started teaching English in 2010 to raise funds for her first CD and realize her first dream. In 2011 , she participated in workshops with teachers and Robson Dias and Waniacely Dias, and was invited to take part in a show produced by both.

In 2012, in Germany, met the first member of her band Benedikt Stehle (drums), and later was introduced to Eric Kruger (piano), Hannes Kelch (guitar) and Kevin Preuhs (bass).

In 2013, she continued her musical training at Outspoken group, with Professor Viviane Donner, in Belo Horizonte and since November with Coach Stephanie Crutchfield, in Berlin. In the same year she coordinated the vocal preparation of two bands in Belo Horizonte and was lead singer of the rock band “Juliette and The Bills “.

Since February of 2013 has been working on the production of her new album of the genre Samba-Folk (created by Júlia), featuring ten songs.

According to Júlia , Samba-Folk is ” ( … ) something like going back to the roots , but bringing along all the baggage acquired with the continuous evolution of these roots, of my music and even of myself as an individual . Therefore , Jazz , Bossa new , Blues , Folk , Samba , Soul are all connected according to my intuition and are combined in unusual yet tasteful ways.” In fact , Samba-Folk is an irresistible mix of sounds that form a bridge between the roots of several genres of Western music.

Júlia realized that genres like Jazz and Samba, for example, were in fact evolutions originated from the same genres and that on each transformation there was value added to the subsequent genre. Therefore, it would not be difficult to mix different styles highlighting what is best in each one of them. And so she did it.

It is very easy to see how Cartola, Tom Jobim, Thelonious Monk, Willie Nelson and Koko Taylor – for example, just to name a few – influenced Julia, who blended such influences in ways never before imagined.

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  1. sueli casarin
    January 7, 2014

    Pela primeira vez consegui ouvir você cantando. Adorei! Você é uma estrela de primeira grandeza. Quando for se apresentar no Brasil, quero assistir o seu show.
    Bjs. Tia SUeli


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